Capital of the Czech Republic

  • About Prague

    Prague is probably one of Europe's most beautiful capital cities.
    Under the old bridges the river Moldau (Vltava) flows slowly. The old town has cozy alleys with small restaurants and pubs. It is cheap in Prague and the hotels are very affordable and in the restaurants you get good food at low prices.
    The beer varieties are many and taste incredibly good and in addition it is incredibly cheap.
    There is plenty to see in Prague and it is easy to get around on foot in the old town. Taxi is cheap if you want to get away. Go out early in the morning to avoid the hustle and bustle with all the tourists. After lunch, it is almost hopeless to get there without being crowded. The Charles Bridge in the afternoon is packed with tourists and vendors.
    Prague is quite small geographically but since Prague has such a long and rich history, a guided tour is recommended for the best experience.
    To get away from the congestion for a while, a river cruise is recommended.
    There are short tours of one hour and longer tours that include food and entertainment. Seats are limited so a pre-booking is the best way to guarantee a seat.
    A different way of living is to rent a riverboat to live in. It allows you to freely ride around on the waterways. Skipper introduction is included in the rent.

  • Travel informaion

    From Prague Airport you can easily take a pre-booked taxi to the city center.
    It's fast and cheap.
    Find taxi companies online.


  • Sights

    Prague Castle
    The castle is one of Prague's main attractions. It is 570 x 130 meters and the world's largest fonted castle.
    St. Vitus Cathedral
    St. Vitus Cathedral is the largest and church of the Czech Republic. It was founded in the 9th century but was built in its Gothic style in the middle of the 13th century..
    Monastery and library, yes it is true and it is one of Prague's most beautiful sights. The two beautifully decorated libraries, the Philosophical Hall and Theological Hall are what first and foremost attract visitors. Built in the 12th century.
    Charles Bridge
    The Charles Bridge, which is a connection between the Little Side, Malá Strana, and the old town was built in 1357 on the orders of King Karl IV. Most of the statues on the Charles Bridge were placed there in the late 17th and early 17th centuries. The statues represent different saints or patron saints.
    Pražský orloj
    In the Old Town Square, there is a different clock built during the Middle Ages and is an astronomical clock that shows the movement of the sun and moon as it was believed that the celestial bodies moved at that time.

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